Harsh Conditions Weighing Indicator - PT200X

The PT200X is all about industrial protection in harsh environments, based on the PT200 display series which has been an acknowledged leader in weight displays for many years, the PT200X provides unparalleled protection.

Rated IP69k the highest environmental protection rating and constructed of an impact resistant plastic which will withstand high pressure water jets (1450psi) at high temperature (up to 80c) from multiple angles.

Using double O rings to seal the clam shell design the PT200X incorporates a continuous single front panel which protects the display and avoids leaks. Capacitive keyboard (no moving parts) means no membrane to fail, waterproof glands and connectors seal the cable entry. And when you need to test or calibrate you don’t even need to enter the housing, all you do is use the capacitive keyboard or place the optional magnetic PT OPTO-LINK onto the external display surface allowing for PC connection to upload or download configuration files. A “FLASH�? rom allows for updating of software in the field.

Three models are offered,

Standard power input of 12 to 24VCD, 9.6, 12 and 24V batteries (2.5 VA max)- ON/OFF key with memory feature.

AC Power supply: 110/240VAC 50/60Hz

12V Battery pack (rechargeable NiMH)

The exceptional environmental protection designed into the PT200X is ideal for food processing, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and similar maximum protection industries.


  • Parts Counting
  • Unit switching
  • Manual hold, peak hold
  • Live weight and totalising
  • Check weighing – low, pass, high (3 colour status high intensity LEDs)
  • Configurable print format
  • RS232 as standard
  • Assignable Function Key, 3 Outputs
  • 1/30000 display resolution, (1/8,388,608 internal resolution)
  • Ten point linearity correction
  • Mains operation, Battery option
  • ON/OFF key with memory feature
Pdf_icon PT200X Operator Manual
Product Manual and Specifications


Zero Cancellation
Span Adjustment
Max Total Load Cell Resistance
A/D Type
A/D Conversion Rate
Operating Environment
Setup & Calibration
Digital Filter
Zero Range

Up to 30,000 Divisions
Minimum of 0.25µV/Division,
20 Updates/Second
(Trade 4000 Divisions
at 0.8µ/Division)
0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V Full Scale
Zero < 0.1µV/°C (+8ppm
Deadload Max)
< 8ppm/°C
< 20ppm
< 0.2µVp-p
5V for up to 4 x 350 or 8 x 700Ω
Load Cells (4-wire or 6-wire
plus shield)
24bit Sigma Delta with
8,388,608 Internal Counts
20Hz with FIR Filtering > 80dB
-10 ~ 50°C Ambient Temperature
IP69K, 100% Humidity
-20 ~ 50°C Ambient Storage
Full Digital with Visual Prompting
in Plain Messages
Sliding Window
Average 0.1 ~ 4 seconds
Adjustable 2 ~ 20% Full Capacity
Standard Power Input
AC Plug Pack
opto-LINK Data Coupling
Case Materials
Linearity Correction
RS-232 Automatic Transmit
Assignable Function Key
    Isolated Transistor Drive Outputs
Battery Backed Clock Calendar
Packing Weights
Optional Accessories
LED Backlit LCD
Six 20mm High Digits With
Units & Annunciators
12 ~ 24V DC, 9.6, 12, 24V
batteries (2.5 VA max)
With Memory Feature
110/240V AC 50/60HZ Input
12V DC 1.2A Output
12V Rechargeable NiMH pack
Infra-red Connector
Optional opto-LINK (PC RS-232
Port or USB Cable)
PC + Polyester alloy, PBT
Silicon Rubber, SS304
10 point
For Network or Printer Outputs
Transmission Rate: 2400, 4800,
 9600 Baud
Unit Switching, Counting, Manual Hold
Peak Hold, Live Weight and Totalising
3x 400mA ea. At 12-24V DC
Battery Life 10 years Minimum
Basic Indicator 2.0kg
Wide bracket, narrow bracket,
pole insert, opto-LINK
(Note: Bracket shown is sold as an option)
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