Pressure Transducer - HPT03

High accuracy 5 - 40 MPa (725 - 5795 PSI) 4-20mA output Pressure Transducer.
The HPT03 are high accuracy stainless steel pressure transducers sealed to IP67 with M14x1.5 connection and standard ISO 4400/DIN 43650 Form A electrical connections and are suitable for measuring the pressure of all types of non-crystalline liquids and gasses that are not rapidly changing, in industries such as aerospace, automotive, air conditioning, oil and gas. Especially suited for hydraulic pressure measurement.

These are made with high accuracy foil strain gauges and are ideal for interfacing with automation and control systems with a standard 4-20mA signal.

Each pressure transducer comes with the standard PT Ltd serial numbered accuracy certificate.

Pdf_icon HPT03 Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications

Output (0 to Capacity):  0-20 mA
Linearity Error:  < 0.200% FSO
Non-Repeatability:  < 0.100% FSO
Hysteresis:  < 0.200% FSO
Zero Balance:  < 5% Capacity
Temperature Effect On Span/10C):  < 0.20% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10C):  < 0.20% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range:  - 10 ~ +50 C
Supply + ve:  Pin 1 (Red)
Signal + ve:  Pin 3 (Green)
Service Load:  100% Capacity
Safe Load:  120% Capacity
Ultimate Load:  150% Capacity
Load Resistance:  250 ~ 1000Ω
Supply Voltage:  12 ~ 24V DC
Cable connection:  4 pin connector + 3m cable
Material:  17-4PH/304 Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Range:  - 20 ~ +65 C
Signal -ve:  Pin 2 (Black)
Ground (supply ground):  Pin 4 (White)
Model Capacity
HPT03-05 5 MPa
HPT03-10 10 MPa
HPT03-15 15 MPa
HPT03-20 20 MPa
HPT03-25 25 MPa
HPT03-30 30 MPa
HPT03-35 35 MPa
HPT03-40 40 MPa

Dimensions (mm)
Capacity (MPa/PSI) Model Order Weight (kg)
 5 / 725 HPT03-5 HPT03A05MPAM14 0.2 each
 10 / 1450 HPT03-10 HPT03A10MPAM14 0.2 each
 15 / 2175 HPT03-15 HPT03A15MPAM14 0.2 each
 20 / 2900 HPT03-20 HPT03A20MPAM14 0.2 each
 25 / 3625 HPT03-25 HPT03A25MPAM14 0.2 each
 30 / 4350 HPT03-30 HPT03A30MPAM14 0.2 each
 35 / 5070 HPT03-35 HPT03A35MPAM14 0.2 each
 40 / 5795 HPT03-40 HPT03A40MPAM14 0.2 each
(Due to PT’s policy of continuous development, specifications and products offered are subject to change without notice.)
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Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-05 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-05 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A05MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-10 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-10 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A10MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-15 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-15 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A15MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-20 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-20 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A20MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-25 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-25 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A25MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-30 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-30 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A30MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-35 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-35 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A35MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, HPT03-40 MPa,M14,4-20mA Pressure Transducer, HPT03-40 MPa,M14,4-20mA
HPT03A40MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer