Pressure Transducer - HPT02

High accuracy 15 - 100 MPa (2000 - 14500 PSI) mV/V output Pressure Transducer.
The HPT02 are high accuracy stainless steel pressure transducers sealed to IP67 with standard mechanical and electrical connections and are suitable for measuring the pressure of all types of non-crystalline liquids and gasses that are not rapidly changing, in industries such as aerospace, automotive, air conditioning, oil and gas.

These are made with high accuracy foil strain gauges and are the most popular model in our range with a standard mV/V signal interfacing with a wide range of instrumentation.

Each pressure transducer comes with the standard PT Ltd serial numbered accuracy certificate.
Not supplied with a connector, Use existing industry standard cables or order a connector and cable pack below to make up a cable to your own requirements.

Pdf_icon HPT02 Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications

Output at Capacity:  1.5±0.2 mV/V
Linearity Error:  < 0.100% FSO
Non-Repeatability:  < 0.050% FSO
Hysteresis:  < 0.100% FSO
Zero Balance:  < 10% Capacity
Temperature Effect On Span/10C):  < 0.10% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10C):  < 0.10% FSO
Operating Temperature Range:  - 20 ~ +65 C
Storage Temperature Range:  - 50 ~ +65 C
Compensated Temperature Range:  - 10 ~ +50 C
Excitation + ve:  Pin 1
Signal + ve:  Pin 4
Service Load:  100% Capacity
Safe Load:  120% Capacity
Ultimate Load:  150% Capacity
Input Resistance:  750Ω  Nominal
Output Resistance:  700Ω  ± 7Ω
Insulation Resistance:  > 1000 MΩ  (@ 50 VDC)
Excitation Voltage (Rec):  5 ~ 15V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max):  18 V AC/DC
Cable connector:  4 pin M12, code A sensor
Material:  17-4PH/304 Stainless Steel
Environmental:  IP67, connector fitted
Excitation -ve:  Pin 2
Signal -ve:  Pin 3
Model Capacity
HPT02-15-M20 15MPa
HPT02-20-M20 20MPa
HPT02-25-M20 25MPa
HPT02-30-M20 30MPa
HPT02-35-M20 35MPa
HPT02-40-M20 40MPa
HPT02-45-M20 45MPa
HPT02-50-M20 50MPa
HPT02-60-M20 60MPa
HPT02-70-M20 70MPa
HPT02-80-M20 80MPa
HPT02-100-M20 100MPa
HPT02-20-M14 20MPa
HPT02-25-M14 25MPa
HPT02-30-M14 30MPa
HPT02-35-M14 35MPa
HPT02-40-M14 40MPa
HPT02-50-M14 50MPa

Dimensions (mm)
Capacity (MPa/PSI) Model Order T (thread) B Weight (kg)
 15/2,174 HPT02-15-M20 HPT02015MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 20/2,899 HPT02-20-M20 HPT02020MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 25/3,623 HPT02-25-M20 HPT02025MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 30/4,348 HPT02-30-M20 HPT02030MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 35/5,072 HPT02-35-M20 HPT02035MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 40/5,797 HPT02-40-M20 HPT02040MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 45/6,522 HPT02-45-M20 HPT02045MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 50/7,246 HPT02-50-M20 HPT02050MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 60/8,696 HPT02-60-M20 HPT02060MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 70/10,145 HPT02-70-M20 HPT02070MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 80/11,594 HPT02-80-M20 HPT02080MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 100/14,493 HPT02-100-M20 HPT02100MPAM20 M20x1.5 18 0.2 each
 20/2,899 HPT02-20-M14 HPT02020MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
 25/3,623 HPT02-25-M14 HPT02025MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
 30/4,348 HPT02-30-M14 HPT02030MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
 35/5,072 HPT02-35-M14 HPT02035MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
 40/5,797 HPT02-40-M14 HPT02040MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
 50/7,246 HPT02-50-M14 HPT02050MPAM14 M14x1.5 12 0.25 each
(Due to PT’s policy of continuous development, specifications and products offered are subject to change without notice.)
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Tiny preview of HPT02-25MPa,M20 HPT02-25MPa,M20
HPT02025MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-30MPa,M20 HPT02-30MPa,M20
HPT02030MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-35MPa,M20 HPT02-35MPa,M20
HPT02035MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-40MPa,M20 HPT02-40MPa,M20
HPT02040MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-70MPa,M20 HPT02-70MPa,M20
HPT02070MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-80MPa,M20 HPT02-80MPa,M20
HPT02080MPAM20 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-25MPa,M14 HPT02-25MPa,M14
HPT02025MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-30MPa,M14 HPT02-30MPa,M14
HPT02030MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of Pressure Transducer, M14 capacity Pressure Transducer, M14 capacity
HPT02035MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-40MPa,M14 HPT02-40MPa,M14
HPT02040MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer
Tiny preview of HPT02-50MPa,M14 HPT02-50MPa,M14
HPT02050MPAM14 - Pressure Transducer