PT200P Digital Indicator - EP200PI0000XXX

EP200PI0000XXX - Stainless Steel 12 VDC


PT200P Multi-Function Stainless Steel Housed Indicator

The PT200P is an IP65 indicator suitable for use in dusty and wet environments with the robust housing fabricated from 2mm thick stainless steel.

The very latest design indicator with many built-in functions allowing it to be used for almost any weighing application, including: Counting, Hold&Peak Hold, Totalizing, Live Weighing and High/Low Level Control.

The PT200P utilizes the powerful Sigma~Delta A/D Converter and 4 layer surface mount technology and has a RS-232 serial output for printing, continuous output or basic network polling. There are two transistor drive outputs available for setpoints or High/Low Level Control uses.

The 20mm LCD display has LED backlighting for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. All cable connections are via special spring-locking push terminals for ease of installation (no soldering required) and permanence.

There is an OPTO-LINK infra-red port designed into the display for PC access to all setup and calibration functions.

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