N_indicatorsn2_blockview N_conditioner_controllern2_blockview N_beamcells_blockview
Indicators & Displays Conditioners and transmitters Beam and Singlepoint Load Cells
N_compression2_blockview N_tension_blockview N_lpccat_blockview
Compression Load Cells Tension/S-Beam Load Cells Universal Load Cells
N_weigh_assemblies_blockview N_weighbridge_blockview Tmpcatpinspt9011sml_blockview
Tank/Silo Weighing Assemblies Weigh Bridge Load Cells Special Purpose and Shackle Pins
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Pressure Transducers Test and Calibration Options and Accessories
Junction Boxes, Surge Arrestors etc.

Latest News:- PT releases new quantity discount price structure for New Zealand. 

PT’s installation tips for Shearbeam:- For a copy email regional@pt-global.com 

PT is a Load Cell / Force Sensor / Torque Sensors Manufacturer, offering a wide range of Load Cells, including Low Profile Load Cell, Load Button Load Cell, Through Hole Load Cell, Tension and Compression Load Cell, Miniature Load Cell, Donut Load Cell, and a variety of Beam Load Cells. Our Rotating and Reaction Torque Sensors are offered in shaft and flange configurations for a wide range of applications. We also have a complete line of Load Cell and Torque Sensor Signal Conditioning that includes bench top or stand alone Amplifier / Conditioners, panel mount Load Cell displays, portable Load Cell indicators and Data Acquisition Systems.

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